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Saunas and clubhouse are closed
Covid-19 has been found in a member -
we are partially closing down in order to keep the club open
The member has stayed in the club on Tuesday 22.09 approx. 17.40 - 18.30 -
Has used the 3rd cabin on the right (K09), and has only been in Tårnsauna.
The member informed the club immediately upon receiving test result.
If you ae tested positive, and if you have been at Jomsborg,
please notify jomsborg@vinterbadning.dk,
with indication of date, approximate time of visit, as well as which premises you have used.
Currently, the board is awaiting answers to tests from the other members who were
close to the infected person - and is also in the process of seeking further health care
The sea - as well as toilets and shower rooms are still open
Due to the situation with the Corona virus, the Board has decided
to cancel this year's Annual General Meeting


Presently only in danish
We have reached the max number of 9,500 members
and do not take in any more members this season

If you want to get in touch with us - please e-mail or call
We bathe in the nude
4 saunas
Bathing water of the best quality
Vikingeklubben Jomsborg |Den Permanente Badeanstalt: | jomsborg@vinterbadning.dk | Telefon 20 25 00 60