General meeting
The club’s highest authority is the general meeting.
The ordinary general meeting is held every year on the first Tuesday in May – except for May 1st.
In addition to the fixed subjects on the agenda (the chairman’s report, finance, contingent, election of board members, etc.) the general meeting discusses subjects that the board find significant to the club and written suggestions from members.
Between general meetings, the club's well-being is handled by the board. In addition to the chairman, it consists of 8 members who meet 8-10 times during each season. The board takes care of the general lines of the club's operation and development, and the board members have no practical tasks for the club. The work of the board is unpaid.
Board 2021/2022

Bo Kræmer

Members of board:  
Jonna Frisdahl 
Karsten Grunnet
Karin Øhlenschlæger
Rasmus Mølgaard Hansen
Morten Aagaard Madsen
Jesper Vinther
Bertel Kjærulff
Hans Henrik Nielsen 
Svend B. Carstensen
Britt Riber

Viggo Jonasen
Niels Eisum
Board Calender 2021/20222

23rd August 2021 - konstituerende bestyrelsesmøde
28th September 2021
6th January 2022
1st February 2022
29th Marts 2022
19th April 2022

Opening party:
25th September 2021

14th November 2021

26.-27th February 2022 

3rd May 2022

Babtism and party:
21st May 2022
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