Membership and -data 

The club has 3 types of members:
Existing member:
As an existing member, you have a priority right to sign up for another season at Jomsborg in the period from 15 May until 1 September, if you have been a paying member within the last 2 seasons.
Key cards will be activated at the start of the season if you have paid the membership fee on time.
Former member:
If you have been a member of Jomsborg before, but have not renewed the membership within the last 2 seasons, you must register as a new member - on the same terms as brand new members.
If you can document that you have been a member of the club before (within the last 6 seasons), it is not necessary to attend a mandatory intro event.
New member:
Jomsborg opens for registration of new members every year on 1 September. You are a new member if you have not previously been a member of the club (cf. above). You must participate in a mandatory intro event, where you will be given a key card.
For all 3 types of members, the club's rule regarding the number of members, which was adopted by Jomsborg's general meeting in 2017, applies:
From 15 May to 31 August, only existing members can renew their membership of Jomsborg.
From 1 September, new members can register on an equal footing with existing members (who have not yet renewed their membership) - on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration / renewal closes no later than 31 October or as soon as the ceiling of 9,500 members has been reached.
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