Rules of Jomsborg

Your actions make a difference for the community. By complying the following you are contributing to protecting our culture at Jomsborg.
About the Jomsborg culture
  • We greet each other, take care of each other and ask each other for help and advice
  • Everybody should have a pleasant experience – hence, we avoid offending each other's decency
  • We bathe in the nude and always take a bath before we enter the sauna - for hygienic reasons
  • We sit on a large and dry towel in the sauna ­­– for hygienic reasons
  • You may bring your children/grandchildren under the age of 15, provided that the rules that apply for adult members are observed and that their visit is under your supervision
  • In December, January and February, members may invite one guest at a time. The same person can only be a guest once during this period. You are a responsible host for your guest and have to fill out a guest ticket before bathing
  • The complete Jomborg area is declared "photo-free zone". The board can dispense from this on special occasions

Mobile phones
  • Your mobile phone has to be in mute mode in the complete Jomborg area. If you have to make/answer a call, do it on the beach
  • Smoking is only tolerated on the beach at the concrete ashtrays
 Other rules
  • Your membership card is personal
  • Only let people in through the entrance, who you know as members
  • Observe the rules for good sauna culture and for use of the club house
  • Violation of the rules will result in withdrawal of the membership card
  • Members of other winter bathing clubs can purchase guest tickets for Jomsborg on our homepage
 Bathing safety
  • Bathing and other activities at Jomborg are on your own risk
  • Bathe with consideration both for your own as well as others' safety
  • Use of the "Queen's Stairs" as well as the inner ladders can be dangerous in stormy weather
  • Bathe only at the middle of the beach – there can be dangerous currents on the sides
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