New Member

Here you can register as a new member of Vikingeklubben Jomsborg.
To become a full member, you must attend an intro event. NOTE Due to the Corona crisis, the intro events are organized in small groups of 8 each - and only after  September 5th, when we have an overview of the number of new members. Dates for intro will be announced on September 7th, after which you can sign up.
It is mandatory to participate in the intro, where key cards for the club are handed out. Jomsborg has a membership ceiling of a total of 9,500 members per. season (ie both new and existing members). Once we have reached the membership ceiling, registrations close automatically.

Those who then want to get on the waiting list can sign up for the list, which will be available when the membership ceiling is reached. It costs the current contingent rate (for new members) to sign up for the waiting list. You are then on the list as a "dormant member" until registration opens again (01.09.21), after which you are automatically a new member of the club, and can register for an intro event. A new contingent will not be charged.
You can be placed on the waiting list all year round. It costs the current contingent rate for new members (currently DKK 600) (If the membership ceiling is not reached on October 31, in any case, more active memberships will be closed in that season).
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