New Member

New members can join Jomsborg from September 1, 2019.

From September 1 at 07.00 it will be possible to register as a new member in Jomsborg. We include members until the total number of members is 9,500.
It takes place from 01.09 according to the principle "First come first served". After registration (payment of the quota), you must register for a (compulsory) intro event, where you will get your key card, and then registered as a member. Dates as well as opportunities for enrollment will be announced as soon as possible.

Due to the ongoing major renovation of the Permanente Badeanstalt, Jomsborg will open later this season than usual.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to state which date we open and start bathing - and therefore we are not able to inform you of the dates of the intro events either.
Vikingeklubben Jomsborg |Den Permanente Badeanstalt: | | Telefon 20 25 00 60