The club’s regulations were most recently revised at the general meeting of May 2017.
1. Name
1.1 The club’s name is Vikingeklubben Jomsborg, founded in Aarhus on December 31st 1933.
2. Purpose
2.1. The club’s purpose is to look after and further the interests of winter ocean bathing.
3. Membership
3.1. Everyone male or female over the age of 15 can become a member.
3.2. You become an active member when you have payed contingent, participated in the introduction tour of Jomsborg, and have received your keycard.
3.3. Members are obligated to follow the rules of the club. If this is not the case, the board can exclude the member.
4. General meeting
4.1. The general meeting is the highest authority of the club and is competent to make final decisions no matter the number of attending members. The ordinary general meeting is held once yearly on the first Tuesday in May.
4.2. Notice of time and place for the general meeting is made with postings at the ocean bath and on the club’s website at least two months before the general meeting.
4.3. Suggestions that are wished to be processed have to be received by the chairman at least six weeks before the general meeting. Agenda with appendix will be published in the club and on the website at least 14 days before the general meeting.
At the general meeting a suggestion is processed by a presentation from the proposer, comments from the board, and voting.
4.4. The agenda for an ordinary general meeting will include at least the following:
The board’s report
Presentation and approval of the accounting
Incoming suggestions
Presentation of budget for the following year
Election of chairman every other year for a two-year period
Election of four board members for a two-year period
Election of one alternate for a two-year period
Election of one internal accountant for a two-year period
Election of one alternate accountant for a one-year period
Any other business
4.5. Voting regulations
Any member participating in the general meeting has suffrage.
Election for the board is written. All other voting sessions are by raise of the hand, unless at least 25 members demand written voting. All votes are determined by regular majority. However, amendments have to have 2/3 majority.
4.6. A summary is made during the general meeting and will be approved by the conductors.
5. Management
5.1. The board is managing the club between general meetings.
5.2. The board consists of one chairman and eight board members. The board constitutes itself.
5.3. Electable as chairman, member of the board, alternate, and internal accountant are all members who have been with the club for more than two years.
5.4. An alternate will join the board in case of a board members long-lasting or permanent absence.
5.5. If the chairman is not effective for the entire election period, the board will constitute another chairman until the next ordinary general meeting, where a new chairman will be elected. If a board member is not effective for the entire election period, an alternate will step in until next general meeting.
5.6. The board can set up committees.
5.7. The board decides and maintains the club’s social policy.
5.8. By the end of the season vikingebrev (Viking letters) are handed out to members who have been winter bathing for at least two years, and ask the board for it.
5.9. The board, and the board alone, can appoint honour members of the club. As justification for the appointment should be an extraordinary work for the club. An honour member of the club holds a lifelong membership of the club – free of charge. Active members of the board cannot be appointed honour members.
6. Extraordinary general meeting
6.1. Extraordinary general meetings can be held when the board finds it necessary or if at least 100 members present a written requirement to the chairman.
6.2. The extraordinary general meeting must be held one month after the requirement, at the latest, and be foreshadowed with posts of the agenda and appendix at least three weeks before.
7. Finance
7.1. The club’s funds are used in the club’s best interest with respect for the general meeting.
7.2. The club is represented by the chairman and two board members. However, the following needs to be pre approved by the general meeting.
a. Taking any loans.
b. Buying, selling, or mortgaging any real estate.
Procuration can be given to the rorgænger.
7.3. The financial year runs from April 1st to March 31st.
7.4. In case of construction at an expected expense >1 million DKK the approved of the general meeting is needed.
7.5. The contingent is determined at the general meeting.
8. Termination of the club
8.1. Decision on terminating the club has to be made on two following general meetings at least two weeks, but no more than one month, apart. Termination can only be enacted with a 3/4 majority of the attending members. The first of the two general meetings must be an ordinary general meeting.
8.2. In case of termination of the club, its funds will be used for common good or cultural purposes according to the general meetings decisions.
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