Rules for the use of the clubhouse

The club house is a sanctuary for members – a place with room for talks and socializing. We all have a responsibility to create a good social environment in the club house and we ask you to be aware of the following.
  • Don’t expect that you can keep an entire table just for you for longer periods at a time
  • We respect each other – avoid loud behaviour that can bother others. Keep your mobile phone off sound and leave the club house if you need to make or take a call
  • The kitchens are meant for making war beverages or heating up precooked food. You cannot prepare a meal
  • Put back blankets and pillows after use – inside and outside
  • Clean up after yourself, do your dishes, and empty the trash if it’s full – then everyone has a great experience
  • Put bottles and cans in the containers placed in both kitchens. Larger amounts of trash should be put directly into the trashcans outside the club house
  • For the sake of fire hazard, please blow out all candles if you are the last one leaving
We hope everyone has many wonderful hours and a great time with others in the club house.
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