• Always dip in the ocean or get under the shower before going into the sauna
  • We bathe in the nude – this means children too
  • Leave your shoes in the outer room
  • Use an unbreakable bottle for drinking water
  • Sit on a large and dry towel (minimum 50cm x 100cm) that can obtain your sweat
  • Remember to take your towel when you leave the sauna
  • Ask before you pour water on the heaters – a ‘no’ should always be respected
  • Only pour two spoonfuls of water on each heater and turn the hourglass. Don’t pour more water until the sand has gone through. Only use water from the buckets
  • Keep warm ­– make sure the doors are not unnecessarily open and only use emergency exits in case of emergencies
  • Show respect ­– keep your sweat to yourself
  • The saunas are not private rooms – everything you say can be heard and commentated by others
  • Don’t offend each other's decency – avoid massages, cuddling and the like
  • Don’t speak in the Silent sauna
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