Sauna therapy at Jomsborg
It’s misty in The Tower Sauna!
every Tuesday at 7 pm
every Thursday at 2 pm
In addition, there will be extra saunagus sometimes. Dates and times will be announced on the noticeboard in the club house and here on the front page.
Saunagus is aroma therapy in the sauna. The word comes from the German aufguss, which means ‘to infuse’. The master of aufguss, a Gusmester, works with essential oils on the sauna oven and swirls the oils around the sauna with a towel. Fragrance and heat are distributed around the sauna and creates a very pleasant atmosphere. It’s always pure essential oils that are used. They give off a mild scent with a sense of relaxation and calm, renewed energy and strength – especially in combination with a refreshing ocean bath.
There is no need to sign up – just come by. The session will be held more than once.

Rules according til Gus and Towels
For the saunagus bring a towel large enough to cover both seating suface, legs and feet - or to minor towels. If not, you can only sit on the lower benches.

The rules is to ensure
  • an enhanced hygiene of the sauna
  • less wear on the wood
  • easier work for the staff
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