Waitinglist for membership of Jomsborg

NB: see a detailed description of the procedure at the bottom of the page)

Do you want to be a new member of Jomsborg - or have you previously
been a member but have been on break for more than one season - you must sign up for the waiting list.

It costs a sum of DKK 700 to be on the waiting list (no matter how long you are on this list),
and the amount also covers the first year contingent (regardless of when one is admitted).

You can register all year round, and will be placed on the waiting list in order after registration.
New members are admitted from the waiting list once a year until the start of the season in September
extent there is room in relation to the current membership ceiling.

(Please note that the amount paid will not be refunded if you later regret and opt out of the waiting list)

Currently on the waiting list: 991 (updated on 28-11-2023)

Once you have completed the registration and paid, you are on the waiting list.

You can once per. season, find out your location: send an e-mail to jomsborg@vinterbadning.dk,
please write "waiting list placement" in the subject field for faster processing.

Every year until the start of the season (01-09), we calculate the number of available places (ie how many places are left
up to the current membership ceiling after existing members have renewed), and admit corresponding new
members - in order of priority - from the waiting list.

You can see an overview of membership numbers in recent seasons by clicking here.
If you are admitted, you will receive notification of this per. e-mail, with further information about the further procedure regarding intro etc.

If you are not admitted, you will be promoted to the waiting list corresponding to the number of new members who have been admitted.

Keep an eye on the website, where you will be able to keep track of the number of registered during the summer period
existing members, which we update regularly.

Keep a close eye on your inbox (as well as any spam filter) in early September.
Vikingeklubben Jomsborg |Den Permanente Badeanstalt: | jomsborg@vinterbadning.dk | Telefon 20 25 00 60