replies to all inquiries to the club, handles the day-to-day running and the club’s employees and volunteers, takes care of the club’s accounting and budgets, updates and maintains the webpage, and is secretary for the board and all committees. Rorgængeren can be found at the offices at the ocean bath.
arrange full moon nights, Friday bars, and the three annual parties at Jomsborg.
The service team
Service employee
The leader of the service team – plans the employment schedule and staff, does carpenter work, takes part in the day-to-day technical running and contact with suppliers, cleaning, maintaining the club’s facilities, and handles different administrative tasks like statistics, keycards, and the database.
clean at Jomsborg.
Cleaning of saunas and toilettes are done daily throughout the season – it’s done three times a day.
The morning team starts at 06.45 and clean the Tower Sauna, the Odour Free Sauna, and the Small Sauna, the toilettes and the showers.
The afternoon team begins at 15.30 and clean the toilettes and the outer rooms.
The evening team begins at 20.30 and stock up paper towels and the like and clean the Corner Sauna from 21.30.
Furthermore, every month there is a rotation of extensive cleaning and all saunas are cleaned thoroughly every other month. All benches are taken down and scrubbed clean, walls are scrubbed, and floors and windows are taken extra care of. An extensive cleaning takes about four hours. It’s not always convenient when the saunas are cleaned, but please respect that it is the job of tvætterne.
The club house is cleaned twice a week. Usually Monday and Thursday morning. Monday is more thorough and Thursday is maintenance.
Read more about cleaning.
do practical tasks like emptying the trash, fix minor repairs, and chop the ice on rough winters. There is a pligthugger at Jomsborg at least two hours every day during the season. Pligthuggerne mostly work in the afternoon.
Please be aware that employees are not hired to clean up after the members. So remember to always clean up after yourself, wipe the table, and do your own dishes.
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