Existing member

Renew your membership of Jomsborg with a click - The due is 400 kr. Pay by credit card. Please note that it is not possible to renew by credicard if you are not in Denmark.
If you do not have a credit card, you can deposit DKK 400 to account 8139-3360065064 in Jutlander Bank
If you deposit by bank transfer, please remember:
  • State your own name
  • Only to deposit dues for yourself - let your spouse, friend or friend deposit yourself
  •  From your deposit, approx. 1 week before your card becomes active. (No cards are activated before the start of the season)
REMEMBER that a membership ceiling of 9,500 members has been introduced.
From May 15 to August 31, only existing members can renew the membership of Jomsborg.

As of September 1, new members can join on an equal footing with existing members (who have not yet renewed their membership) - according to the "first come, first served" principle. SO REMEMBER TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE - it's possible already from May 9, 2019 !!
Registration / renewal is closed by 31 October or as soon as the ceiling of 9,500 members is reached.
This means that if you as an existing member want to be sure to also be a member in the coming season, it is a good idea to renew your membership before 1 September.
You are an existing member if you are or have previously been a member of Jomsborg (no later than 01.09.12)
Vikingeklubben Jomsborg |Den Permanente Badeanstalt: | jomsborg@vinterbadning.dk | Telefon 20 25 00 60