Privacy policy

Privacy policy – cf. GDPR
Data responsibility
Jomsborg is handling personal information and therefore, cf. GDPR, we have a privacy policy. Below you can read what information we registre and how the information is handled.
We only save your information as long as you renew your membership. If you do not renew you membership for three consecutive seasons you will be considered permanently reigned and all information will be deleted. You can, at any time, ask to have your information deleted earlier on.
Data responsible
The club’s rorgænger (the daily manager) is data responsible and can be contacted at
The rorgænger makes sure that all personal information is handled according to the legislation.
Personal information
Name, gender, address, telephone number(s), email address, and date of birth. These are the information we get from you. To these the system generates a member ID.
Furthermore, we add to your profile if you have any positions of trust or honor, or if you are an employee.
We also registre if you have any kinds of warnings – e.g. for misuse of your keycard. This information will be deleted when the consequence of the misdemeanor expires. You will always be informed of what we registre and when it will be deleted. At Jomsborg there is a total photography ban and therefore we will only take your picture with your consent. Pictures will not be used publicly.
The purposes of keeping your personal information
We keep and use your personal information for the following purposes:
  • Membership database, registrating payments and orders for keycards
  • Sending out newsletters
  • Generating the fil for the access control system, that manages the activation of keycards.
Vikingeklubben Jomsborg handels all personal information according to GDPR which, when managed as described above, does not require consent.
Transmission of data
Names and member ID’s on all members (who have payed the contingent for the current season) is transformed into a file every night, that is transferred from Conventus to the access control system, Unilock. This ensures that your keycard or chip is activated so you can unlock the entrance door and the doors to the club house.
Unilock generates a log file that shows all used keycards and chips. The log is saved for twelve months. This allows us to see when your keycard has been used to unlock one of the before mentioned doors.
Storing and deleting data
According to GDPR you have certain rights in relation to the information we keep on you.
You can make use of your rights and object to our use of your information by contacting us at
If you request that information needs to be changed or deleted, we will check if conditions are made and implement your changes as soon as possible.
You can also edit your own data on the website at [indsæt link].
You can always file a complaint to a data protection controlling authority, in this case Datatilsynet.
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